Soil Taxonomy For Pikeville Sandy Loam

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Figure 1: Soil bacterial products enhance colonization of rhododendron leaf discs by Phytophthora nicotianae. Leaf discs were submerged in a suspension at 10 zoospores/ml in an autoclaved filtrate of.

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1996, 1998), had suggested that members of a distinct clade of β-proteobacteria were the primary biological agents of ammonia oxidation in soil. The narrow phylogenetic breadth of this group.

Drought influences cereal crop yield and quality. However, little is known about changes in the structural and functional properties of wheat starch under soil drought conditions. In this study, two.

Nano-sized Fe 3 O 4 particles (50–100 nm) were purchased from Sigma-Aldrich (637106; St. Louis, MO, USA). Flooded paddy soil was collected from Tianjin, northern China (43°44′N 126°30′E). The soil had.

resulting in a transition from pristine swamp soil to degraded meadow soil, and even aeolian sandy soil at severely deteriorated sites 7,8. Deterioration has also changed the composition of plant.

Transition of populations from rural to urban living causes landscape changes and alters the functionality of soil ecosystems. It is unclear how this urbanization disturbs the microbial ecology of.

Furthermore, we show that this observed enrichment is the result of an absolute increase in Actinobacterial abundance and that previously hypothesized mechanisms for observed enrichments in.

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Table 1: Chemical properties of the tested soil and ryegrass. Full size table In this study, ryegrass (Lolium multiflorum Lam.) samples was applied as a green manure in the greenhouse soil, which was.

Fertilizations affect soil organic carbon (SOC) content but the relative influences of the edaphic and climate factors on SOC storage are rarely studied across wide spatiotemporal scales. This study.

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Here we try to explore the promotional effect of γ-PGA on plant growth from the perspectives of the availability, uptake and metabolism of nutrients in a plant-soil system. The augmentation of plant.

Figure 1: Redundancy analysis of soil microbial communities and SOC fractions under different treatments. SOC, soil organic C; MBC, microbial biomass C; DOC, dissolved organic C; MUFA/STFA,

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Information about the effect of plastic film mulching (PFM) on the soil microbial communities of rainfed regions remains scarce. In the present study, Illumina Hiseq sequencer was employed to compare.

The sandy soil was characterized as having pH 6.4, C content of 20 g/kg and total N content of 0.9 g/kg. Four organic products with contrasting values of C/N ratio and degradability were mixed through.

Figure 1: Total nitrogen in rock, soil and foliage pools for SFM and BWDC forests. Figure 2: Nitrogen isotope values of the rock–soil–plant system. a, SFM forest; b, BWDC forest. The median and range.

Large inputs of synthetic N fertilizer have severely disturbed soil quality 12 and normal functioning of ecosystems 13. Due to their ability to respond quickly to environmental changes, microorganisms.

Information on the spatio-temporal variability of soil moisture in the vadose zone is important to assess groundwater recharge and solute transport in unconsolidated substrate as influenced by.

Two kinds of biochars, one derived from corn straw and one from pig manure, were studied as carriers of a mutant genotype from Bacillus subtilis (B38) for heavy metal contaminated soil remediation.

All these biotic and abiotic factors seem to depend partly on annual precipitations and partly on soil texture, leading to the highest FOM mineralization in sandy soils submitted to hot and dry.