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A Francis Bacon painting of a tortured cricketer twisting and. The figure seems to resemble John Edwards, the man Bacon found solace in after the suicide of his lover George Dyer in 1971, but there.

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Now, “modern science” or the Baconian method (Francis Bacon, English philosopher 1561-1626. in India in the late 1490s as European explorers such as Vasco de Gama, John Cabot, Ferdinand Magellan.

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From the second century on, such figures as Ptolemy, Leo Africanus, Francis Bacon, John Ogilby and Edward Long envisioned the inhabitants of Africa as the most sexually promiscuous beings to inhabit.

The artist Francis Bacon’s long-time companion and muse, John Edwards, died yesterday in Thailand, throwing the ownership of the dozens of paintings he inherited after Bacon’s death into uncertainty.

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A huge exhibition of works attributed to the late Francis Bacon opens. major ity of the works must be by Bacon". When Mr Bacon died of a heart attack, aged 82, the sole heir of his estimated £11m.

IN the autumn of 1961, Francis Bacon moved to 7 Reece Mews. After Bacon’s death, the studio remained largely untouched until 1998 when the artist’s sole heir, John Edwards, presented it to Dublin.

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Works by Francis Bacon, Henry Moore and Eileen Agar will. with highlights including Edward Burra’s Dancing Skeletons and John Armstrong’s Heaviness of Sleep. British Surrealism: 1783-1952 is at.

Sotheby’s has Francis Bacon’s screaming pope painting from the collection. by late media mogul Si Newhouse as well as a rare Robert Rauschenberg painting of John F. Kennedy from the estate of.

RARE PORTRAIT OF JOHN EDWARDS – HAS NOT APPEARED AT AUCTION SINCE 2006. John Edwards was an illiterate bartender who was Francis Bacon’s closest companion for the last 16 years of his life. He was.

The case can be made for a direct influence of Machiavelli on Francis Bacon, the father, as the story is usually told, of the.

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John Edwards, 53, who was the artist Francis Bacon’s closest friend for 18 years and heir to his paintings and property, died Tuesday in Bangkok of lung cancer. The model for at least 30 of Bacon’s.

AND that," says John Edwards, pausing in front of the huge canvas at the top of the stairs in the South Kensington mews where Francis Bacon lived and painted for more than 30 years, "is me." Portrait.

Francis Bacon’s was a life lived to. But now the art historian John Richardson, whose multi-volume life of Picasso has been called the best artist’s biography ever written, and who knew Bacon from.

Three angst-filled paintings by Francis Bacon including. the world record for a Bacon is over £6m, paid at a Sotheby’s auction in New York last year, and a series of three portraits of his last.