Francis Bacon Slashed Canvas

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Switching visual gears, Francis Bacon’s searing and distorted. was painted just a year apart from the Bacon, one can hardly believe it is from the same century. The alkyd on canvas work, stretching.

Christie’s London held a middling £58 million ($84.3 million) postwar and contemporary art sale Thursday night. who was in the room. Francis Bacon’s starkly vertical canvas Two Figures (1975), from.

You don’t feel waistbands and you don’t feel canvas. often cut on the bias at Dior and Givenchy but the technique has rarely been used in menswear. Fellow British designer Sarah Burton took.

The evening’s result vaulted past last May’s $397.2 million total on 58 lots sold, led by Francis Bacon’s Study for Portrait.

As expected, founding fathers and presidents made the cut, as did such pop-culture figures as Bob Hope. Hamilton stands on a blotch of cadmium orange, which is a reference to Francis Bacon’s.

According to a museum spokesman, the reason why the painting was not better protected is because of its "poor artistic value" compared to works by Francisco de Goya and Francis Bacon, which are also.

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Britain was priming Van Gogh’s canvas. he doesn’t make the cut in the Tate’s exhibition, which concentrates on earlier 20th Century British artists like Walter Sickert, Winifred Nicholson, and -.

Francis Bacon. “It is not known how Bacon’s used canvases came to be at the gallery in the first place,” the auction house said. Bacon favored painting on the unprimed reverse. Heffer provided.

It is called You Were Shit in the 80s, which Mackie imagines was an insult exchanged between Lucian Freud and Francis Bacon. The great painters fell. As their friendship deteriorated, Van Gogh cut.

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Freud, of course, isn’t the only blustering male painter to ever extend his brutality beyond the canvas. Caravaggio tried to cut off his opponent’s testicles, which led to his death. also indulged.

The Free Press asked new Detroit Institute of Arts director Salvador Salort-Pons to name five favorite works at the museum. "Study for Crouching Nude," by Francis Bacon (1952). Oil and sand on.

Love or loathe his work, which one could say has an influence from Irish-born figurative painter Francis Bacon, known for his.

Bring home the Bacon: Tate Director Nicholas Serota in 2001, in front of the Wanted poster designed by Lucian Freud offering a reward for the return of a stolen portrait by Freud of Francis Bacon.

Francis Bacon. Photograph: All rights reserved DACS 2008/Tate. especially when they are so deliberately slashed. Every small defaced canvas was literally so – the faces were cut out. Which might,

“The only reality is pain”: Kafka’s summing up is quoted by Maria Lassnig in her writings. nor offers fresh illumination. Bacon insisted his reasons were formal — “I cut down the scale of the.

canvas, and the minimum of vittles, think of me. I might make them money." Bacon, who died in 1992, believed his pictures deserved either the National Gallery or the dustbin, and he often dumped or.