“c. Walter” Entomologist Catocala

Agaristidae -Alypia octomaculata (F.) -Alypia langtonii Couper Noctuidae (genre Catocala) -Catocala blandula Hulst -Catocala relicta (Wlk.) -Catocala briseis (Edw.) -Catocala concumbens Wlk. -Catocala parta Gn. Notodontidae Melanophinae -Clostera albosigma Fitch Notodotinae Gluphisiini -Gluphisia septentrionalis Wlk.

(1) as many specimens of male Catocala neogama as you wish to collect, from anywhere, and (2) as many batches of eggs from as many female Catocala neogama as you care to put up and babysit for egg laying, from anywhere.

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60 THE MICHIGAN ENTOMOLOGIST Vol. 4, No. 2 The most remarkable recent account of daytime collecting of Catocala to come to my attention is that of the noted Mississippi lepidopterist Bryant Mather.

A^glossary of some foreign-language terms in entomology Ericson, Ruth O. 016.595703 ERI Goidanich 000285667 A^glossary of entomology Torre-Bueno, J. R. de la 016.595703 TOR Goidanich 000285663 Zoologisches Worterbuch Niemann, G. zoologo 016.59103 NIE Goidanich 000296701 The^genitalia of the Tineid Families of the Lepidoptera of the British Islands

The Larger Moths Found in Washington State Introduction The insect order Lepidoptera includes moths and butterflies and is the most recognized group of insects in the world.

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Assistant Professor Entomology Purdue University Dr. Rob Swihart (Small Mammals) Professor of Wildlife Ecology Dr. Kamal Islam (Cerulean Warblers) Purdue University. Catocala amica Darapsa myron Catocala flebilis Dasychira basiflava Catocala habilis Dasychira vagans Catocala ilia.

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Scott Curtis Merrill Research Assistant Professor Managing Director of the Social Ecological Gaming and Simulation (SEGS) Laboratory Department of Plant and Soil Science

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Preparatory stages of Catocala ulalume Str., with larvae of Catocala lacrymosa for comparison (Lepid., Noctuidae) Entomological News 33:234-236 Biodiversity Heritage Library

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The present book analyses critically the tripartite mimicry model (consisting of the mimic, model and receiver species) and develops semiotic tools for comparative analysis. It is proposed that mimicry has a double structure where sign relations in

Catocala is indeed in the family Noctuidae, and it represents the so-called "underwing" moths. Underwings are distinguished by their brightly-colored hind wings. Underwings are distinguished by their brightly-colored hind wings.

TRIBUTE Journal of the Lepidopterists Society 66(3), 2012, A TRIBUTE TO JOHN W. JOHNSON ( ) To walk the fields or coastline with John was to find instant recall of everything moving and

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Department of Biology and Geology, Baldwin-Wallace College, Berea, Ohio 2 Department of Entomology, The Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio 3 185 Benzler-Lust Road, Marion, Ohio 4 1241 Kildale Sq. N, Columbus, Ohio

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