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Most nauseating moment for me personally beyond all the foreign policy stuff: The shout-out at the end to the creator of the Baby Einstein videos, Julie Aigner-Clark. On a certain level, the Baby.

Before the FTC made any decision, then President George Bush lauded Baby Einstein during his State of the Union address in January 2007. He heralded the creator of the company and videos, Julie Aigner.

Julie Aigner-Clark, 33, founder of the Baby Einstein Company, can’t answer that—but she has helped moms and dads feel less guilty about their VCR habit. Started in 1997, Baby Einstein makes videos.

In late 1996, a mother and former teacher named Julie Aigner-Clark shot the first Baby Einstein video in her basement. Aigner-Clark’s marketing promised that the video would increase the brain.

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Baby Einstein, the leading baby-video company, was started in 1996 by Mr. Clark and his wife, Julie Aigner-Clark, who created an extensive line of videos with names like “Baby Van Gogh” and “Baby.

Julie Aigner-Clark and husband Bill’s amateur video was such a hit with Aspen that Julie, 41, became determined to market what they called Baby Einstein to parents everywhere. The couple invested.

Speaker Julie Aigner-Clark, founder of The Baby Einstein Co., proved an engaging and inspirational choice for the 400-plus in attendance, most of whom were women. Aigner-Clark’s tales of common sense.

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A highly-esteemed panel of exemplary community members are the judges for this award. Panel members include Julie Aigner-Clark, Creator of Baby Einstein and The Safe Side Project; Dr. Twila C. Liggett.

Wesley Autrey, the New York City subway hero, natch. Tommy Rieman, Iraq war hero, obvs. And then… Julie Aigner-Clark, founder of the Baby Einstein company? Huh? Perhaps there’s a connection to the.

Julie Clark, a former English and art teacher, c0-founded the Baby Einstein Company in 1996 with her husband. After five years, Clark sold Baby Einstein to the Walt Disney Company and she now works as.

DENVER ” The mother who launched the Baby Einstein child video empire by making videos. insists they were never designed to make infants smarter, only happier. Julie Aigner-Clark sold her company.

Julie Aigner-Clark — Baby Einstein A company offering toys and multimedia products for young children, Baby Einstein was founded more than 15 years ago by Julie Aigner-Clark. As a new mom,

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Terms of the transaction were not released, nor were financial figures on closely held Baby Einstein. The Lone Tree, Colo.-based business, founded in 1996 by former English and art teacher Julie.

And we look at success stories like Baby Einstein’s Julie Aigner Clark and Lillian Vernon’s catalog and say, "I could do that". We want rewarding, stimulating careers where we call the shots and.

And I was raised a Democrat! Imagine that. Have a great day. Julie Aigner-Clark Ms. Aigner-Clark is the founder of Baby Einstein, which she sold to the Walt Disney Co. in 2001. President Bush touted.

Form A Tribe Julie Aigner Clark founded Baby Einstein, "the first-ever media company to create humanities-based, enriching content for children under the age of four." After starting out in Julie’s.

One of the best known series of developmental media for infants is Baby Einstein, which got its start in 1997 when new mom Julie Aigner-Clark created a video "to help her share her love of art,

We found harm.” But moms use “Baby Einstein” videos primarily, many say, to entertain and stimulate their children. The brainchild of Denver- area schoolteacher Julie Aigner-Clark, the videos – with.