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Here’s how I search for bed bugs when I arrive at a new hotel. I can’t promise this is foolproof, but knowing how one slightly-paranoid entomologist deals with the threat of bed bugs might be useful.

I’m normally quite skeptical about new products claiming to control bed bugs, but the PR email I got contained the name of an entomologist I recognized – Dr. Dini Miller, author of many useful.

But do know that they are not going to hurt you, and stay focused on the road if possible. You don’t have to become a spider-lover; even entomologists can be arachnophobic. I recently found my entire.

Leading the research was entomologist Michelle Trautwein of the California Academy of Sciences, who with her colleagues scraped people’s faces—hey, there are worse ways to make a living—then analyzed.

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Others resembled something more like a cartoon octopus. "I have never seen a structure just like this," said William Eberhard, an entomologist at the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute and.

Last August a video popped up on the internet of ants in the same genus doing their tugging thing, much to the surprise of entomologists. This new study and accompanying video get such scientists one.

But let’s head back to New Hampshire. A new study in Geophysical Research Letters by Menke and others examined something that geologists have noticed under New England for a few decades. A zone in the.

Kirsten Anderson was given the Bob Yeager award for community service. Publicist awards chairs, Sheryl Main and Tim Menke opened the show with a moment of silence for publicists that had passed,

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“It’s a really stunning development,” says Omar Akbari, an entomologist at UC San Diego 1 who was not connected to the study. Akbari’s lab works on gene drives to make mosquitoes resistant to malaria,

Joining the bullet ant at four is a critter that lives right here in the southwestern US: the tarantula hawk. It’s actually a kind of. Are you a scientist studying a bizarre creature? Email matthew.

But the field is still so ambiguous and sketchily understood — entomologist Paul Ehrlich’s chronicling of Polynesian canoe designs was the first rigorous description of cultural evolution — that.

Alma: Jackson McKenzie, David Ehrke; Ansley-Litchfield: Christopher Paitz, Justin Bailey; Arapahoe: Spencer Watson, Jacob Pruitt; BDS: Garrett Schardt, Holden Stengel; Bertrand: Tyler Callahan, Austin.

It’s not malice against lemurs—it’s a matter of survival. “You have to have breakfast before conservation,” says Brian Fisher, an entomologist with the California Academy of Sciences, who helped start.

The UC Riverside entomologist studies the world’s deadliest creature. CRISPR is a new biomedical technique that enables powerful gene editing. WIRED challenged biologist Neville Sanjana to explain.

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In May, University of Florida entomologist Lary Reeves spotted several of the tiny arachnids, which they like to call slingshot spiders, near a biological research station along Peru’s Los Amigos.

Entomologists have known for decades that ant colonies frequently move nests. But they have little idea why. A new study makes a valiant effort to solve this mystery. It ultimately comes up short on.

He began to wonder if they were in fact self-medicating. That question led him to Walter Sheppard, chair of the entomology department at Washington State University and one of the world’s leading.

“The female is like a bag of eggs,” said entomologist Jeyaraney Kathirithamby of the University. Are you a scientist studying a bizarre creature? Email [email protected] or ping me on Twitter.

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Alas, Peak Brown Marmorated Stink Bug activity happened to coincide with the federal shutdown this year. In an interview with Entomology Today, Doug Pfeiffer, a Virginia Tech entomologist working with.